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Ppl should read 'author comment' before reviewing.

Like you said, story wasn't too good (Little kids would love it though).
Sounds fitted there in some ways but they weren't too good in quality.
Animation was nice lil trebling but I liked it + Characters moved realy smoothly.
You get 8 mostly because I liked the animating alot and that is what you were consentrating on this. Would love to see more of your works like this but with beter sounds and story.
Good job!

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TheBoogley responds:

You're a nice one, I shall make more just for you. :)

Awesome :9

This was realy funny and well done! Made me laugh like hell! :D
Tough, you used too many Egoraptor's jokes over and over again (lil transformed but could recognise them). Ad lil more your own jokes and it would have been (pehaps) little beter. (Or atleats original) Best ending ever tough X)
Good voice acting.
Keep up the good work, all of you! ^^

What the...

Well... I began to giggle and I don't know why.
This indeed is pointless bs, heh.
Ever tough of doing a horror film? No?
You're style would fit in something like that X)

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Good job!

This is the main reason I began to like this trilogy!
My storage of words won't reach the word to descrive that ending.
Nice work @w@

I actually unterstood what was going on...

...and it's freeking me out @u@
Have to agree with the one before me; "It's easier for a character who has suffered to relate to other people who have suffered."
The way you show insanity is very strong!
The whole story (I mean this whole trilogy) is actually pretty good if you understand it. Animating style is unique, I like it. Some parts you could have animated lil' beter. Audio was indeed hard to understand but it, somekind of freekyish way, fits in there! 9 for Alfred! ^^

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I can't belive somebody just cave this low score!

Animation was so smooth and camera angles were perfect!
Music was great and story was cute! (Need to get that song somewhere >:3)
This deserves only the best points! 5/5 10/10!!!
Keep up the good work ^w^

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